Cosmetic Dentistry - Making Your Smile Look Better

Cosmetic dentistry is widely practiced nowadays, especially in United States. It is a discipline of dentistry that mainly aims to improve the look of the patient's smile through the implementation of advanced dental technology. Cosmetic dentistry can be broadly classified into orthodontic, prosthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry. Orthodontic cosmetic dentistry deals with straightening, orthodontic braces and other appliances like veneers. Prosthodontic cosmetic dentistry mainly deals with filling, crowns, bridges, orthodontic headgear, appliances for straightening teeth, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry is primarily used to replace missing teeth with new teeth and is used mostly by adults who have lost all their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help make the patient feel more attractive and confident. Cosmetic dentistry involves aesthetic treatment like tooth whitening, bleaching, porcelain veneers, etc.

Cosmetic dental technologies are used by dentist in Pasadena to reshape the mouth during childhood and to correct malocclusion or crookedness. In United States, orthodontists are required to acquire specific licenses from the state to practice cosmetic dentistry and to follow strict regulations regarding dental procedures. In some states, the term of 'comparative dental practice' includes dental aesthetics. Some prominent practitioners in United States include Dr. Paul G Johnson, DDS; Dr. Helen Kornmehl, PhD; Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, MD, PhD; Dr. H. David Rosen, MD; and Dr. Richard J. Miller, MD, PhD.

Tooth decay is a major concern among Americans. In fact, tooth decay leads to the early onset of periodontal disease and heart disease, which can eventually lead to death. Cosmetic dentistry can help prevent tooth decay by performing oral assessments and checking for signs of tooth decay. Specialized training in cosmetic dentistry can also detect and treat gaps and chips in teeth that may be causing irritation and discomfort.

Some common types of cosmetic dentistry procedures include tooth crowns, veneers, contouring, bridges, and gum lifts. Tooth crowns are artificial replacements of missing teeth that are made of tooth-coloured composites called porcelain inlays. The crowns are designed to resemble the original tooth roots and to be durable enough to withstand the chewing stresses associated with strong teeth. They provide superior protection and greater comfort than natural-looking crowns. Porcelain veneers are custom made shells that cover broken or damaged teeth to give the patient a beautiful new smile.

One can undergo any of these cosmetic procedures in any dentist's office. However, patients need to be screened thoroughly and informed about the procedures before they choose a practitioner who will perform them. Patients should also find out how to care for the completed procedures once they are done to ensure that their smile is as great as the one they paid for it to be. If done correctly, a patient can enjoy the benefits of cosmetic dentistry for many years. See page, visit

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